Autism Birthday Club

The Autism Birthday Club provides the most enjoyable and sociable birthday for autistic children. It allows the unique ability to understand children with autism and to provide fun-filled gifts catered specifically to them.

We have over 500 members in our club and we try to give them all birthday presents.  You can see the BIRTHDAY LIST page for our members. You can donate to and join the Birthday Club.

To Join today:

  • Complete this form so your autistic child can be a part of the Autism Birthday Club.
  • Once the form is submitted, we can record each or your autistic children’s birthdates.

Autism Mom’s Jewelry Club

The Autism Mom’s Jewelry Club is an opportunity to collect beautiful jewelry created by Cherlan Owens & to help other autistic families.

Cherlan Owens is an independent consultant for Paparazzi Accessories. A mother of 3 and her oldest son, who is 6, has Autism. She is married to a wonderful husband and father.  She likes to say “we are a pretty typical family, just have a lot of extra doctor appointments and different therapists to see weekly.

She wants to help other autistic families and has teamed up with Tony to create the Autism Mom Jewelry Club.  This beautiful, fashionable, and affordable jewelry helps support her family and bring smiles to Autism Moms.

These programs are not possible without the help of our community and friends. You can learn about our gift partners on our Autism Moms page.