Capital Keys Autism Families, Inc.


Our mission is to offer Autism supporters an opportunity to surprise an Autistic child with a gift from Amazon. Founded by Anthony Tinervia Jr., an Autistic adult who often felt isolated and alone growing up, our organization has created a membership club whereby members can submit an Autistic child’s name to be entered in a weekly drawing for a gift to be mailed to them. Our overall goal is to bring joy to the lives of Autistic children and to let them know that they are not alone – that someone cares.

There are benefits to supporters as well! Those who donate $10 monthly will have a 1:10 chance to win an electronic $25 Amazon gift card. Monthly donations go directly to Autism families; winners become permanent members of the Autism Fan Club; and Autism awareness will escalate!


We envision that our initiative will create increased awareness of the impact that Autism has on a child’s confidence and self-esteem; that surprise packages will be delivered to hundreds of Autistic children; and that because of this simple gesture, Autistic children will realize that they are valued and that there are individuals who care deeply about their well-being.