What hotels are participating?

There are thousands of hotels participating nationwide.

How does it work?

The card is given as a thank you for a donation to your organization. The card must be activated and they can immediately search for hotels and make reservations just like Hotels.com or Expedia.com

What is the card value?

The value is $200 in discounts from normal hotel rates.

What percent am I saving?

The savings is not based on a percentage; it is based on hotel discretion and occupancy. Small or budget hotels may offer a very small discount, where luxury hotels depending on occupancy may offer a larger discount.

How often can I use it and over what period of time?

You can use this card once or several times until the savings are depleted.

How do I activate the card?

Simply visit this website to activate the card: https://goodlifeusa.com/club/activate

Does it expire?

The card is good for 2 years after activation.

Do I need to pay anything?

Yes, the card user will have to pay the room rate minus discount at the time of reservation through the GOODLIFE USA website.