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WELCOME TO THE AUTISM BIRTHDAY CLUB                                                                                                                                           Our unique Birthday Club Rules.

Complete the form below and you email it to us so we can record each or your autistic child’s birthdate and being autistic too I know how hard it is being an Autism Mom so they get rewarded too with an Amazon Prime $25 or under gift. My Autism Mom is 91 and is my hero.

When your birthday is 3 days away you must email Tony Tinervia the Autism Angel your Wish List of Amazon Prime gifts at or he may forget. We have about 250 members in our club and here is the list until 3/31/18. If you don’t see yourself sign-up.

Linden of Grand Junction, Colorado 2/22/03–Dona Clements of Carlsbad, NM 2/20/80–Keith Hurst 2/22/83 of Eagle, MI 2/22/83–Desiree Griffits of Norman, Oklahoma 2/25/02                                                                                                                                                              March Birthdays coming up.

Win Amazon Gift

Get involved with the giveaways and raffle draws which is on our Facebook page.

We have rewarded many Amazon Prime gifts to Autism Families perhaps 70 of my own Asperger’s Syndrome invention Keys to the Capitals and over a hundred others in our growing Autism Birthday Club of over 250 members. Autism Families may enter our club free. If your family and friends want to enter it is $10 recurring a month for Supporters. To enter fill out this easy form below.

I believe Autism Awareness is being connected one key at a time. Many adults are probably still undiagnosed and I was until I was 58.

My nonprofit is an Amazon Associate and check out our Amazon items related to Autism and buy and our nonprofit gets 3-10%

We do hire Autism Mom’s and check out our page Autism Mom Jewelry Club and support Cherlan. You do get a free birthday gift also.

Also help our Brittany Ross and buy Mary Kay Products  

Also check out other ways you can earn commission or Amazon credit points on our other parts of our website.

Goldkeys Autism Children

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Free membership for all Autism Families! Please have your Family and Friends join our Support Autism Club for special prizes and drawings for $10 recurring a month at a stated 1:10 odds. Coming soon

Make an AUTISTIC CHILD SMILE on their Birthday too!

Earn $5 per referral on each 6 months or 12 months memberships!


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Capitals Show. See new photos of happy Autism children receiving Amazon Prime gifts.

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Your generous gift will help us fund our mission of spreading joy to Autism Families and you can join our Autism Angel Fan Club to try your luck at our drawings by leaving monthly donations. Bring out Autism Awareness!

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