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We Now Support Autism Mom Businesses!

For July 2018 we have started to Support Mom’s who have autistic children and partner with their businesses to provide gifts to children everywhere. We have 3 more lined up for the August Birthdays. We will still hold weekly drawings and you can buy a ticket that does not expire unless you win for as low as $2. Please consider donating to Capital Keys Autism Families to support these ladies in their business. Most need to work at home to support their autistic children. You will receive a secret gift on or near your birthday with the donations we bring in and with the help of our moms. You won’t know which Mom you get it from, this is a special Autism Birthday Club brought to you by Capital Keys Autism Families.

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Text AUTISM to 85100 and OPT-IN to receive updates about Autism Birthday Club.


You can also text AUTISM2018 to 22828 and receive newsletters by text

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  • Complete the form below so your autistic child can be a part of the Autism Birthday Club.
  • Once the form is submitted, you will be added to our gift list.
  • You will receive a present from one of our partners, who are moms to an autistic child that have their own business.
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We know how hard it is being an Autism Mom, so we want to reward moms with awesome gifts also! Also all their Autistic Children, Teens and Adults they support at home.

We have over 550 members in our club. Check the Birthdays on our BIRTHDAY LIST page, and if you see someone you want to donate to, simply let us know. We will thank you for adding your name to the Birthday List Column by their name if $25 or over donation. This helps support our Autism Mom Businesses. You support the Autism Family this way.

Our Tulsa Chapter has grown to 32 Autism Families from our June 1st opening.

Click here to read the News 10 Article.

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Sponsor one of our Birthday List Members even in your own State and make that Autistic Child Smile Out Loud! Autism Smiles are the Best! Autism can achieve future dreams. As the CEO of this nonprofit I can invent too.

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